Cultural Sustainability’s Management & Leadership

cultural knowledge, awareness and skills for sustainable development

This course provides you a unique cultural point of view on sustainable development.

What you’ll learn

  • Section 1 – What is Culture ? (main aspects that define local cultures; how cultures relation with time and places; how old cultural values travel in time).
  • Section 2 – Cultures & Globalization (local cultures in the global context; influence(s) of globalization on identity; decentralized and polarized cultures).
  • Section 3 – Climate Change & Local Cultures (the relationship ‘nature-cultures’; impact of climate change on cultures; local cultural wisdom and environment).
  • Section 4 – Local Cultures & Tourism (cultural challenges for visited places today; role of local cultures in destination’ management; authenticity as a need).
  • Section 5 – Culture & Sustainable Development (cultural perspectives of sustainability; inclusion of cultural aspects into sustainability; irrationality today).

Course Content

  • Cultural Sustainability: sessions 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 –> 6 lectures • 3hr 5min.

Cultural Sustainability's Management & Leadership


This course provides you a unique cultural point of view on sustainable development.

Its main objective is to help people and organizations deepen their cultural skills, empathy and attitudes when dealing with sustainable development’s challenges and initiatives.

At the end of the course, trainees will be able to engage more efficiently for the resilience and regeneration of local culture(s), to better include local people into sustainable initiatives and to better assess the cultural risks and impact of their sustainability commitments.


The course is particulary suitable for:

– sustainability workers willing to improve their cultural knowledge and skills when dealing with local stakeholders

– cultural sector workers willing to relate their work with sustainability challenges

– citizens and local governments willing to engage for the resilience and regeneration of the culture of their place and community

– community engagement specialists willing to strenghten their knowledge and skills around local cultures

– and everyone willing to deepen cultural skills, empathy, and attitudes in a polarizing and decentralizing world


The course contains:

– 5 pre-recorded learning sessions of 30+ min each (2,8 hours total) on the following topics: What is Culture?; Culture(s) & Globalization; Climate Change & Local Cultures; Local Cultures & Tourism; Culture & Sustainable Development

– subtitles included for each of the learning sessions (English language)

– 5 quizes (one per learning session)

– 4 real-life case studies -found in the resources section of the learning sessions- to practice your knowledge


A certificate can be provided to those completing the course.


Going Further (with extra fee) – for the live sessions and guest speakers mentionned in the introduction – please contact me.

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