Certified Dance Therapy English Drama Story Exercise Course

Audio Only Workshop Lessons for English language learning and Video Lessons for Dance Therapy combo Course

Audio Only English lessons

What you’ll learn

  • Dance Therapy.
  • English lessons.
  • Movement.
  • Exercise.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 10 lectures • 52min.

Certified Dance Therapy English Drama Story Exercise Course


Audio Only English lessons

Dance Therapy Video

“`A short introduction to the week’s work in the new field of dance, I am bringing in, as part of the online Udemy courses also.

51 students for this, from various countries, one of them, a medical psychologist, who wants to try this as part of regular medico practice in their clinic.

From the video lessons links shared here, if any of you have any thoughts or suggestions that you want to share, it will be nice to see it here.

Folk dance Kaikotikalli based steps in some of the dances, as part of the movements adapted from a variety mix of Bharatanatyam, Zumba, Bollywood Social dance, Kaikotikalli and other folk dance steps, of India and from around the world.


In Dance Therapeutic scientifically brain and nerve stimulation movements, with a medical easy to follow, simple steps that can be done by all age groups, including nondancers, as well.

References and some lessons learnt from theory and practical application of American Dance Therapy Association and Reiki healing principles base lessons, in the steps, forms the structure of it, with an Indianized classical based basic lesson step, for the footwork.

To make the experimentation interesting, in this pioneering and original work of th teacher, Sarita Wariyer who is a trained Bharatanatyam dance artiste and teacher, some story or poetry background themes are done once a week or so.

The medium of musical instruction are Latin language, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Punjabi and English.

The teacher started learning dance at age seven and from 1996 has been teaching, beginning in Chennai, Bangalore, Kerala and Coimbatore later.
Recently, after corona struck the world, online work in this has taken off in both recorded course fomat, as well as direct live lessons.

The classes are adaptable for senior citizens, those recovering from cancer,  youth with disabilities and women after recent childbearing and new mothers also.

Injury is very rare in this and almost nil in this system of dance lessons.

Bringing in from her education in classical Indian dance and other Medical related paramedical line of work and other certification in this regard from Harvard Medical School, the teacher wishes to bring to the medical world of healing the time tested and proven music and dance therapy treatment, as part of the healing process.


This is not a substitute for regular clinical medical treatment that is required by the participant, from a qualified medical practitioner in a hospital or private hospital.

It is an additional diversion program brought in for entirely the recreational purposes for the health and well being of patients in care and for the physically normal and abled caregivers also, as a welcome entertainment and educational experiential learning class.

Trials for this are underway and ongoing at India.

The teacher does not take responsibility for personal liabilities, due to the student’s various medical problems or resulting issues.

Students are advised to consult a medical practitioner for advice, before joining and participate in the lessons, with proper medical supervision.
Recent success in this endeavor was at Serene, Coimbatore in face to face physical in-person classes, with senior residents, many with minor age related health issues.

The classes were well received with enthusiasm and appreciated.

In an extension of the services provided there from the teaching and learning experience with them, the teacher brings here on this world education platform, a fresh look at dance as a means to therapy and as a allied branch of healing, along with other allopathic etc treatment, by recognizes doctors.

Ancient Indian Classical, Different world classical styles, Traditional Chinese dance, Spiritual dance and Yoga formations in modified variations have been put into the carefully choreographed original steps, set to international music beats.

As a writer and poetess, the teacher will be bringing in some of her own and her mother’s, an established Short story writers with published volumes of short stories, Mrs Vatsala Warrier, Under the Rain Tree and Mortal Bonds to mention a few, also into the course as part of the dramatized themes of pure art and expressive movement.

Creative work of various teachers learnt at classes attended by her, both from India and abroad is included in the course lessons.

History of this art therapy format and new techniques in this field form the theoretical knowledge sections of the course.

It’s application in Counseling Practice as an adjunct to usual routine methods has been recommended by health practitioners also.

My recent write up introduction for the Dance( English medium of instruction) Therapy course

As a proved procedural therapy for dementia, Alzheimer’s prevention and treatment it’s efficacy is well known to be very useful for all, in the health benefits it offers.

Appropriate use of the course lessons with additional other ongoing treatment gives the student or teacher to be, taking the course a lifeline of different opportunities to explore the possibility of working with dance as a therapeutic approach.“““

In the olden days, women have even gone to the fields to work, during their pregnancy. They are said to have easier deliveries.

Nowadays, in modern homes and with the technology available and better prenatal care, access to hospital infrastructure, maternal services etc, complications still abound.

Movement and flexibility is less in the present times, as statistics will tell us.

Recent New Lactating Mothers, Elders, youngsters and Surgery Recovery patients, those with mild joint pain special course.
Caregivers, learning this are to proceed with utmost care, when dealing with their respective clients, in their application and requisite modifications and do so with complete medical permission only.

Inputs from her father, PBalachandran Former CEO Manipal Hospitals, Husband, Cardiologist, Dr. Manikandan, Brother Arjun Balachandran, Investment Banker USA, Son Vaibhav M Warrier, personal fitness trainer Online has been added in also, in the hope that the course can be as perfect, as it is meant to be.

Sarita Wariyer


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