Qi Gong for Longevity w Lee Holden (Health & Graceful Aging)

2021: How to create consistent anti-aging results w safe, natural, &traditional techniques in an easy to follow workout.

1 hour 31 minutes.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn easy to follow qigong for longevity with Master Lee Holden (as seen on PBS)..
  • Qi Gong for an easy way to maintain your health, promote graceful aging, and enjoy extended longevity..

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 5 lectures • 57min.

Qi Gong for Longevity w Lee Holden (Health & Graceful Aging)


  • Beginner-friendly, all ages follow along workout. No experience necessary..

1 hour 31 minutes.

Qi Gong for Longevity. Follow-along workout options.

Longevity has been a quest for humankind cross-culturally for centuries and no other culture has studied how to age gracefully more than the Ancient Chinese.

Based on 4,500 years of practice and refinement, the ancient Chinese medical practice of Qi Gong can help practitioners “Add not only years to your life, but life to your years.” It is a simple, effective way to reduce and even reverse the effects of aging in just a few minutes a day.

In Qi Gong for Longevity, Master Teacher Lee Holden guides students through a simple Qi Gong routine anyone can use to age with grace. The routine uses gentle stretches, energetic activations, and easy-to-follow flowing movements.


• To keep your Qi (life-force energy) circulating to create a healthy body that resists aging.

• Key pressure points to prolong a youthful appearance and bring blood flow to the face to nourish collagen.

• Flowing movements to keep the body relaxed, the mind at peace, and the heart open.

• How to create consistent anti-aging results with safe, natural, and traditional techniques (the more you practice, the more you’ll feel confident and a greater sense of self-esteem).

Qigong Master Lee Holden studied with Master Mantak Chia, worked on staff with Deepak Chopra, and later attended Five Branches University in Santa Cruz earning a degree as doctor of Chinese medicine, and is now owner of the Santa Cruz Chi Institute.

Executive Producer: Lee Holden, Ben Cox

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Videography: Teresa Chu

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