Enterprise Architecture: Design TOGAF Models & Diagrams

The complete course on designing TOGAF compliant Enterprise Architecture artefacts. Examples and explanations included!

Hi there! My name is Theodore Panagacos. I am a career Management Consultant and veteran Enterprise Architect.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn to design TOGAF compliant Enterprise Architecture models & diagrams from an industry expert..
  • Learn TOGAF best practice examples for business, data, infrastructure and application architectures..
  • Learn the benefits of each artefact and how they will help your Enterprise Architecture work..
  • Learn key design techniques that will help you develop Enterprise Architecture artefacts quicker and better..

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 2 lectures • 14min.
  • Quick Introduction to Enterprise Architecture –> 3 lectures • 23min.
  • Business Architecture –> 12 lectures • 1hr 14min.
  • Data Architecture –> 9 lectures • 46min.
  • Infrastructure Architecture –> 8 lectures • 35min.
  • Application Architecture –> 7 lectures • 28min.

Enterprise Architecture: Design TOGAF Models & Diagrams


  • You do not need experience in Enterprise Architecture. I will teach you how to design models & diagrams from scratch…
  • Ideally, you should have a strong desire to learn Enterprise Architecture and how to apply it in real life in your own working environment..
  • A commitment to understand all the benefits of the artefacts presented in this course in order to boost your own career..
  • A dedicated approach to demonstrate the value you’ve obtained from this course to the people you work with..
  • You may choose to download and install your own copies of Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Visio Professional but it is not necessary to complete this course or learn how to model. I will show you templates and examples for you to follow..
  • A computer, tablet or smartphone and an internet connection..

Hi there! My name is Theodore Panagacos. I am a career Management Consultant and veteran Enterprise Architect.

Have you completed an Enterprise Architecture course (like TOGAF) and wondering what happens next? Or, are you working in an Enterprise Architecture role now and not sure what type of work you should be doing?


In this course I show you exactly the models, diagrams, views and tools professional Enterprise Architects use in the world’s most successful organizations.


As a former Chief Architect of a major bank – and having worked as an Enterprise Architect for almost 20 years – I was fortunate enough to work within some of the world’s top performing organizations that used Enterprise Architecture to design services and drive growth. By working with these companies, I quickly learned how to be develop Enterprise Architecture artefacts the right way, but I quickly found I started to teach others too. This course is the direct result of many years of experience in Enterprise Architecture design using best-practice standards.


In this course I will show you:

  • How to design and create TOGAF compliant Enterprise Architecture artefacts.
  • How to create artefacts for Business, Data, Infrastructure and Application architectures.
  • What real-life examples look like, that are ready to use for your own work.
  • What tools you’ll need to create artefacts.
  • The benefits each artefact will provide your organization once completed.


And we’re going to learn this together, step-by-step.


Not only will this course teach you about architecture design, but it has been designed to make you a more effective employee. This complete course covers the most critical Enterprise Architect artefacts that will help you add immediate value to almost any business analysis or architecture project you’ll work on. Best of all, the course has been structured in an easy-to-follow format, and includes course notes so you can continue your education offline.


This is a practical, and ZERO theory course. Everything taught uses real-world tools and frameworks that have been tested and used by Enterprise Architecture experts for many years.


But why should you take THIS Enterprise Architecture course?

  • This course has been designed to be for students at ALL levels. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or advanced.
  • This is the only Enterprise Architecture course that specifically focuses on designing TOGAF compliant artefacts and which includes downloadable resources.
  • Other courses may not teach you the full end-to-end of architecture design. Therefore you’ll miss out on important key concepts and essential skills that should provide you a solid foundation for your Enterprise Architect career.
  • But why the difference? I spent many years working in the industry and I’ve taken all that material and put it into this online course to make it more accessible and relatable for students at all levels.


Enrol Today!


Theodore Panagacos


P.S Have I missed a topic you would like covered in this course or do you have a question? I’m here available for you 24/7 so feel free to message me.