ROS2 Ultimate guide for Kuka 6 DOF and Custom Robotic Arms

Write ROS Controllers for Forward and Inverse Kinematics for Trajectory and Build Robotic Manipulators from Scratch

What you’ll learn

  • 6 DOF KUKA arm with Custom Controllers and Trajectory Nodes.
  • Building Custom Effort and Trajectory Controller for Robotic Arm in Gazebo.
  • Forward and Inverse Kinematics with RTB solution.
  • Derive Denavit–Hartenberg table representation for your robots.
  • Basic 3D Structure of Robotic Arm with URDF.

Course Content

  • Robotic Arms and ROS Setup –> 6 lectures • 33min.
  • Custom Robotic Arm “Big Bazu” –> 9 lectures • 58min.
  • Ros Control Stack and Kinematics for Custom Robotic Arm –> 5 lectures • 27min.
  • Robotic Arm Kuka and Sqaure Making Trajectories –> 10 lectures • 1hr 18min.

ROS2 Ultimate guide for Kuka 6 DOF and Custom Robotic Arms


  • ROS 1 Basics workflows , nodes communication , Launch Files.
  • Understanding of Basics of Python 3.
  • Installations : ROS 2 Noetic , Ubuntu 20.04 Focal.


Course Workflow:

We will start by creating a custom robot named as Big BAZU . Which will be created from scratch , URDF containing joints, links are going to be explored in depth. Once the robotic arm will be created we will add Controllers into it (position, effort, Joint Trajectory) from ros_control package .This will lead us to DH tables for forward and inverse kinematics solutions for our custom robot using IKPY a python library.

After understanding all the basics of with a Custom Robotic Arm we will move to a very well known commercial robotic arm KUKA KR210 6 degree of freedom robotic arm. Our first Object will be to install custom controller into it as we would have learned that in previous sections .Only reason to do that is to be able to control any working URDF robot available . Forward and inverse kinematics will be solved for this robot with the help of robotics tool box mentioned earlier .

Last thing we will do is to make a action lib interface for Joint Trajectory for KUKA robot so we just need to send way points and it moves it’s end effect in a shape that we will define .


Outcomes After this Course : You can create

  • Custom Workspace
  • Custom Python Packages
  • Custom Robotic Arms
  • Ros Control Interfaces
  • Forward and Inverse Kinematics Solution
  • Launch files
  • RVIZ and Gazebo Simulation Fundamentals
  • Custom Controllers for you Robots
    • Position Controller
    • Effort Controller
    • Joint Trajectory Controller
  • Kuka Robot Trajectory Execution


Software Requirements

  • Ubuntu 20.04
  • ROS 2 Foxy
  • Motivated mind for a huge programming Project———————————————————————————-Before buying take a look into this course GitHub repository  or message

    ( if you do not want to buy get the code at least and learn from it 🙂 )