Master Google Analytics (Firebase) for Mobile Applications

Analyze Google Firebase Analytics reports, link Google Tag Manager, setup and configure firebase analytics

Welcome to the course on “Google Analytics for Mobile Application” or Firebase Analytics.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn to analyze reports in Google Analytics for mobile application (or Firebase Analytics).
  • Learn how these reports help in taking business decisions.
  • Understand events, user properties, conversions and other important concepts.
  • Setup Firebase Analytics for a mobile application.
  • Setup Google Tag Manager for a mobile application.
  • Customize Firebase Analytics for a mobile application.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 3 lectures • 13min.
  • Analyze Reports in Google Firebase Analytics –> 7 lectures • 48min.
  • Set up Google Firebase Analytics –> 3 lectures • 20min.
  • Firebase Events and Google Tag Manager –> 5 lectures • 1hr 4min.
  • Configure User Properties, Funnels, Conversions and More –> 6 lectures • 48min.
  • Additional Discussions –> 3 lectures • 12min.
  • Glossary –> 2 lectures • 9min.

Master Google Analytics (Firebase) for Mobile Applications


Welcome to the course on “Google Analytics for Mobile Application” or Firebase Analytics.

Who may take the course?

  1. This is for business managers, marketers, or freelancers who want to overview the analytics tool, the reports, and the tool’s applicability in their mobile application.
  1. This course will also help firebase analytics beginners learn how to configure Firebase Analytics for mobile apps

What is covered in the course?

  1. We will closely explore real-world firebase analytics data, reports, and marketing analysis from a live gaming application.
  1. We will set up Firebase Analytics and Google Tag Manager for an Android app together
  1. Using that app, we will learn how to use Firebase Analytics to capture User Actions and Behavior

In short, if you are or want to be in love with Google Analytics for Mobile application, this course is for you!

Check the free lessons, go through the curriculum, and make a choice.

Of course, you get some great discounts and the 30-day money-back guarantee with this course as well.

Have a good time. Keep safe and healthy. I hope to see you in the course.

Instructor Reviews from Other Courses


This is such a great course that made me want to take the rest of Neil’s course. I am indeed taking another one of his courses. The course content helped me configured our company’s new website analytics. Neil’s teaching style is very clear, structured, practical, industrial and full of important content. Neil does care about his students and very responsive to all the questions I have. Highly recommended!

– May C Noland

Very Nicely explained & very well-paced. What was amazing was the efforts taken to guide & enable us to deploy data layers & tags from our side on a website that makes this course outstanding & like on the job training for practice. It was very easy to understand & thank you for making such a wonderful course Rudranil. I have also purchased your other course on the enhanced e-commerce to learn & specialize more in-depth on the ecom. Thank you & keep making more courses like this Rudranil.

– Justin Joseph

Rudranil is an excellent instructor. The course material has been well-prepared and structured, and if you have additional questions, he takes the time to respond with clear explanations. Honestly – you can learn a ton in the course.

– VC

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