Emotional Intelligence at Workplace: Master your Emotions.

Learn how emotional intelligence helps us to understand ourselves and others, resolve conflict at workplace.

Welcome to the course!

What you’ll learn

  • Identify how to make better decisions through critical thinking and creative problem solving..
  • Discover what emotional intelligence is and why it is so important for your career..
  • Know the importance of emotions and how to use them to your advantage..
  • Recognize how to use emotional intelligence to collaborate with others and build emotional bonds..
  • Learn how to improve your own Emotional Intelligence.
  • Recognize and remove barriers to creativity to foster an innovative work environment producing practical solutions.
  • dentify the signs of high and low EQ in yourself and those around you..
  • Take control of your relationships at work and create rewarding partnerships..

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 28 lectures • 3hr 32min.

Emotional Intelligence at Workplace: Master your Emotions.


Welcome to the course!

This course is created by Vishakha Bhalla under the guidance of Aman Varma who has undergone accredited course training in CBT practitioner, Diploma in Hypnotherapy, Mental Health Practitioner, NLP Specialist Practitioner, Diploma in Psychological Counseling and Diploma in Modern Applied Psychology.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Simply, emotional intelligence is defined as the “ability to identify and manage one’s own emotions, as well as the emotions of others.”1It is a similar concept to empathy, or the ability to understand and feel what those around us are feeling, but applied to the self as much as to other people.

The most sought-after qualities in new job candidates have long included points such as education, motivation, experience, dependability, and confidence. More recently, emotional intelligence has entered the roster as one of the most desirable traits in individuals in today’s workforce. Emotional intelligence, or EQ, plays a vital role in any employee’s ability to perform effectively as part of a professional team.

With our Emotional Intelligence course you will gain a better understanding of self-management, self-awareness and master your emotions. This in turn will give you better insight and control over your actions and emotions. With a greater understanding of emotions you will experience a positive impact on your professional and personal lives.

Having emotional intelligence means being able to understand if and why something is making us feel angry, or sad, or even joyful, and then being able to deal with that emotion in a productive and healthy manner. EQ is what allows employees to have conflict with coworkers or supervisors, and then respectfully come to a mutually agreeable solution. It’s what enables us to compromise on projects, communicate unmet needs to our supervisors, and express concerns about our own ability to perform.

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