Leadership Skills Training: Become an Inspiring Leader!

Learn how to improve you leadership skills and to become an inspiring leader!

Become an inspiring leader!

What you’ll learn

  • Create mission statements.
  • Manage their time effectively.
  • Develop strategic overviews.
  • Understand individual needs of team members.
  • Align a coaching approach.
  • Create effective appraisals.

Course Content

  • Course Overview: Leadership Skills –> 1 lecture • 2min.
  • Leadership Skills Training –> 8 lectures • 1hr 51min.

Leadership Skills Training: Become an Inspiring Leader!


Become an inspiring leader!

Every team is defined by its leader. He or she needs to be able to motivate, challenge, and—most importantly—steer their team in the right direction.

In this course, experienced facilitator Tony Hunt explores the qualities that every leader should aspire to attain. He will guide you through the key aspects that constitute great leadership.

Upon completion of the lectures, you will be able to:

  • Create mission statements
  • Manage your time effectively
  • Develop strategic overviews
  • Understand individual needs of team members
  • Align a coaching approach
  • Create effective appraisals

Furthermore, this course expands on:

  • Effective methods of communication
  • The value of coaching and its use as a leadership tool
  • Performance management and appraisal processes

Mr. Hunt’s style is often described as ‘inspirational’. His goal is to always create positive change in people with whom he works. He has significant experience in successfully operating at all organizational levels—from the induction phase, through first line management, and right up to board level. Additionally, he is able to strike the appropriate level of debate on every occasion.

Mr. Hunt is the MD and principal facilitator of UK Seminars. His work is well known in many countries, e. g., in Europe, in the USA, in the Middle East, and in India. His delegate evaluations are excellent, averaging 9.0 on a 10 point scale.

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