Become a great filmmaker: Create memorable & magical stories

Turn your unique ideas into scripts and bring it to life, through the art form of Cinema.

In today’s digital landscape, the right story has tremendous potential to have meaningful impact.

What you’ll learn

  • After this course, you will be able to identify the essence of what makes your protagonist’s story unique and be able to structure it in such a way as to creating an engaging narrative for your audience..
  • Be able to write your script in the correct format and organise the right cast and crew and prepare your paperwork for the production.
  • Be familiar with filming equipment (Camera, Sound, Lighting and rigs) to produce your picture.
  • Gain knowledge of Mise-en-scene and use the right techniques of set design, costume, frame composition, camera movement, light and colour to enhance the mood and tone of your picture.
  • Compile your film with the right editing techniques, colour grading and titles.
  • Distribute your film to the right audiences and open doors for further opportunities.

Course Content

  • ACT I: Storytelling –> 5 lectures • 17min.
  • ACT II: Pre-Production –> 5 lectures • 23min.
  • ACT III: Production –> 5 lectures • 24min.
  • ACT IV: Post-Production –> 4 lectures • 23min.
  • ACT V: Distribution –> 4 lectures • 12min.

Become a great filmmaker: Create memorable & magical stories


In today’s digital landscape, the right story has tremendous potential to have meaningful impact.

Whether it is a fictional idea that explores the deepest themes of being human; an innovative business solution you need to advertise or a documentary that illuminates the hidden truths, a well written story in the form of a film can take your endeavours to new heights.

We’ll cover the essentials in this course to take you from Joe to James Cameron and your idea from zero to hero:

Act 1: The Story

  1. Protagonist
  2. Story Structure
  3. Character Development
  4. Themes
  5. Genre

Act 2: Pre-Production

  1. Writing your script
  2. Script format
  3. From pages to stages
  4. Cast and crew
  5. Paperwork

Act 3: Production

  1. Equipment
  2. Mise-en-Scene part I – (Set Design, Costume, Make Up)
  3. Mise-en-Scene part II – (Lighting and Colour)
  4. Mise-en-Scene part III  – (Frame and composition)
  5. Setiquette

Act 4: Post-Productions

  1. Software, ingestion and categorisation
  2. The 6 rules of editing
  3. Music and sound tips
  4. Colour grading and titles
  5. Rough to Rendered

Act 5: Distribution

  1. Marketing pyramid
  2. Press release material
  3. Distribution options
  4. What next?

By the end of this course you will have gained the necessary knowledge and skills to finally produce a quality film that explores what you’re looking to communicate with the world! After that you will be able to enter the advertising and marketing world or perhaps create cinematic stories for the small screens and the big ones.

It all starts with an idea, and this course will help you light that up!


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