Filmora-X 10/11: The complete video editing masterclass 2022

Edit video’s FAST with Wondershare Filmora-X 10.5 & 11. Master Filmora-X video editing today!

What you’ll learn

  • Learn basic to advanced video and sound editing with Filmora X..
  • Learn how to use any version of Filmora quickly and efficiently..
  • Familiarization with green screen videos..
  • Best practices when creating videos..

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 27 lectures • 2hr 42min.

Filmora-X 10/11: The complete video editing masterclass 2022



Hi there!

Did you know video is a great way to exercise your creativity and get your message across to your audience!

The world is now watching more videos than ever. In fact, it is predicted that by 2022, 80% of all media consumption will be in video format. So needless to say, knowing how to create and edit videos, even the simplest of ones, is a great skill to have.

But learning to edit video can be a little daunting for some, as it was for me when I first started over 10 years ago. Well, I’m going to put that to rest right now! With Wondershare’s Filmora-X, you have a nice balance between simplicity and complexity, which is perfect for anyone who wants to step into the world of video editing and create videos good enough to impress their friends, family, work colleagues, and of course… yourself! 🙂

In my course: “Filmora-X 10/11: The complete video editing masterclass 2022“. I’m going to take you by the wrist and lead you towards mastering Filmora X. By the end of the course, I feel confident you’ll walk away with a new set of awesome video editing skills.


What you will learn:


– Basic to semi-advanced video and sound editing.

– How to edit quickly and efficiently.

– How to create green-screen videos.

– Loads of handy tips and tricks to make your videos look great.

– All the tools and features Filmora X has to offer.

– How to record your computer screen.

– Animations and keyframes.

– And much much more!


A few questions you might ask about the course:


– Is this course compatible with your version of Filmora?

Yes, it is compatible! There might be a few slight differences between the version used in the course and the version you have, but this is normal for pretty any course.


– How long will it take to do the whole course?

You can do the whole course in less than two hours. But students usually split the learning sessions up over the course of a few days.


– How useful is this course to my professional life?

Very useful! As I’ve already mentioned, video editing is a highly relevant skill.


So, if you’re are looking at stepping into the world of video editing then “Filmora-X 10/11: The complete video editing masterclass 2022” is the course for you!

See you in the first lesson,

Warrick Klimaytys


Extra information: “Filmora-X 10/11: The complete video editing master class 2022” was fully recorded and uploaded in December 2021. The whole course as of December 2021 is based on the latest version of Filmora.






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