Dominate Scientific Plastic Injection Molding!

Learn Quickly and Easily What you Need to Become an Injection Molding Engineer using our step-by-step approach

Welcome to the BEST Scientific Injection Molding Course on Udemy!

What you’ll learn

  • Learn Scientific Injection Molding to Validate a New Injection Molding Process Quickly and Painlessly.
  • Use Minitab to Create Process Windows with Design of Experiments to Easily Demonstrate Ideal Parameters.
  • Use a Scientific Molding Workbook That Calculates for you Common Molding Machine Parameters and their impact in process Quality.
  • Learn the Basic functions of being a Quality Engineer and know how to take charge without stress when defects occur (Non-Conformance Process Flow).

Course Content

  • Scientific Injection Molding For New Engineers –> 8 lectures • 1hr 31min.
  • Quality Control For New Engineers –> 5 lectures • 57min.
  • Extra Content: Dominate Minitab To Become a More Rounded Quality Engineer! –> 6 lectures • 5hr 23min.

Dominate Scientific Plastic Injection Molding!


  • No Injection Molding Experience Required or Quality Control Experience Required. I will teach you everything you need or your money back..

Welcome to the BEST Scientific Injection Molding Course on Udemy!


What makes it the best?


1. Straight to the Point: In less than 2 Hours You will have all the knowledge and tools needed to validate using Scientific Injection Molding Principles. Can other courses say the same?


2. Effectiveness and Satisfaction Guaranteed: We use a proprietary CusumMx Workbook that guides you step-by-step through a Scientific Molding Validation so your results are always Perfect. Who else can say that here on Udemy?


3. We make the complex Easy to Understand. You are here because you Need to validate Injection Molding Machines, so we use an online injection Molding Machine Simulator to help you practice in the comfort of your own home. Do other courses on Udemy Offer Simulators?


In Summary: This is the best Deal for Learning Scientific Injection Molding that you will find on Udemy taught by Native English speakers.


Frequently Asked Questions Section:

  • Why does the course last 7+ hours?We decided to add Quality Control lessons and Minitab lessons to the course to make better Engineers. We make Great Engineers and statistics is fundamental for proper quality and manufacturing decisions. 
  • Who made the online simulator?The online simulator is made and provided by Paulson. 
  • What Qualifies CusumMx/Andres Ruelas to teach Injection Molding?Experience working as a Quality Molding Engineer and Manufacturing Molding Engineer in the medical manufacturing sector assuring patient safety with quality molded plastic parts. If you’ve used plastic products and extruded tubes from Medtronic, Cardinal Health, Stryker and/or Teleflex Medical there is a high likelihood that I’ve manufactured it in the past. 
  • Can I take this as a complete beginner to Injection Molding?Of course! This course is perfect for Beginners and Intermediate Engineers without Master Molder I/II Certifications. 
  • Is this course equivalent to a Master Molder Certification?We do teach similar concepts but Master Molder certifications are long 120+ hour courses, executed on-site and with price tags above 10 Thousand Dollars. This course is a great first step to learn the basics and as your career advances you can look into investing in a Master Molder Certification. 
  • How are your lessons structured?We use videos with step-by-step instructions, online simulators and downloadable Templates so you can fill in your information and practice with us.


Main Content and Course Structure Section:

This Course is aimed at new and Experienced quality and manufacturing engineers who are unfamiliar with Scientific Injection Molding.


We dedicate the first module to teaching beginners what is injection molding and the most common terms and machines used to assure smooth communication with more experienced engineers.


For more intermediate level engineers from model 2 to 5 we review more advanced concepts including: Scientific/Decoupled Molding, Injection Molding Process Validation, Parameter Recipe Creation and Report Creation.


Our lessons include recorded video with step-by-step instructions, downloadable exercise files and self-published books.

As part of the course, you can also email us any subject related question to [email protected] and we will be more than happy to assist you!



Please remember that this course is not a Master Molder I/II Certification. It is intended to provide a stress-free roadmap for validating a molding process but differs from Master Molders in cost, execution complexity and final process efficiency.


For example: This course teaches you how to create cosmetic, dimensional and functional acceptable parts that meet a validation requirement with a cycle time of 50 seconds. A Master Molder type approach would likely provide all this with a cycle time of 45 seconds. To obtain this 5 second cycle time reduction a Master Molder employs polymer theory and takes twice the time we would take which is not the focus of this user-friendly injection molding course.


So Come Join us and Take your first step toward Injection Molding Success!

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