French Individual Oral: IB French ab initio

Individual oral assessment – A conversation with the teacher, based on a visual stimulus and discussion in french

Bonjour et bienvenue

What you’ll learn

  • IB French AB INITIO – Individual Oral Assessment.
  • Picture Description.
  • Follow-up discussion on the selected Picture / theme.
  • General discussion on a different theme.

Course Content

  • Presentation (Describe a Picture, Image, Drawing, Advertisement) –> 11 lectures • 51min.
  • Follow-up discussion –> 1 lecture • 2min.
  • General discussion –> 1 lecture • 1min.

French Individual Oral: IB French ab initio


Bonjour et bienvenue

Every French ab initio student has a dream of getting Grade 7 after studying 2 years of IBDP program and the most challenging part for students is to tackle Individual Oral.

Through these videos, I would like to teach in a practical way and a step by  step modules so that students would be able to achieve Grade 7 in Individual Orals of IBDP French ab initio 2 year diploma program. 

There is nothing more thrilling than being able to handle French Individual Oral assessment. Well, now you can!

Its my passion to teach French and my goal is to provide the students the best of my knowledge and skills.

I have created 10 Minute French ab initio Individual Oral as a way to make orals easier than ever before and accessible to anybody who has opted for ab initio 2 year Diploma Program. This course is perfect for the ab initio student to crack the Individual Oral.

You can go from presenting an image, follow up questions on the theme and then finally answering fluently the questions on a separate theme.  Knowing no prior knowledge of French orals at all to putting together your own sentences in just a few minutes. Please do watch the free preview lessons below to know the details.

Amusez-vous bien!

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